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Peace is something which cannot develop from a wish for peace only, it also needs fulfilment of necessary prerequisites, e.g. close observation, realisation, understanding, knowledge, tolerance and compassion. One way to approach fulfilment of these requirements might be to consider, to reflect and to become aware and, maybe, to see and recognise, which may in turn lead to new ways of thinking, new ways of acting - or may support ways of thinking that already exist.

Every human being plays an important role for peace to become a reality on earth. Each one of us has his/her part to contribute. There is no sandy beach without the multitude of individual grains of sand. There is no golden cornfield without the multitude of individual ears of corn. And there is no peace on earth without many, many peaceful and compassionate hearts of men.

As individuals, we can't decide about war and peace on earth, but consciously or subconsciously, by our thinking and acting, each one of us is contributing to peace, discord or neither.

It needs time for qualities like conscious observation, tolerance, understanding and compassion to develop until they become part of our nature. It needs repetition and committing to memory.

The bells and chants that come from churches, temples or mosques have a reminding function, and so we call our ideas and efforts operation "church bells".

What is this idea about?

First it is the easiest thing in the world. Whenever people supporting the operation "church bells" hear the sound of church bells, the sound of temple or mosque chants, they pause for a few seconds and call a particular phrase or question to mind. The suggested sentences or questions and their appropriate periods of time (date?) are listed below.

If there happens to be no time or rest to dwell on the suggested sentence or question, we can still wish for the strength that enables us to create peace in our own hearts and environment, and we do wish that the persons in charge of this planet may act wisely that there may be peace on earth.

If, however, far and wide there are no church bells to be heard, a help for reminding can be created. Some ideas could be: To put the sentence of the week on a visible place in the flat, in the office, in the car. While brushing teeth, closing the apartment door, the actual sentence, the actual question can be reflected, after saying grace or after lunch or dinner, while travelling by train or driving a car, when a certain tree or a certain building emerges while driving to work etc. There are countless possibilities that can help reminding.

In order to spread this idea, we need ...

Help and Support.

What kind of help and support? Keep your minds and senses open to use our media creatively wherever it is possible. It may be a brief appeal or note appearing once a fortnight or monthly in the press or broadcasting networks, e.g. "Whenever they hear the sound of church bells, all people supporting the operation "church bells" stop to consider the same phrase or question ... (according to the respective suggestion). When you hear the sound of church bells, will you, too, stop to consider this sentence/question?"

You can also place handbills, put up posters and put the topical sentence or question on your answermachine or install a link to our website, which has a similar intention. We look forward to any suggestion and any kind of help and support.


being Elisabeth Gorter and her helpers, are certain that spreading and practising this idea can and will achieve something in the hearts and minds of men - and so in the world: for every thought and idea gains strength by repetition.

More information

is available from any of the addresses below. If you wish a reply on paper, please enclose international postal coupons.

What we would like to point out

To avoid misunderstandings and false speculation: The Operation Church Bells is no organization. It is a purely private initiative. It is not possible to become a member of the Operation Church Bells in any form. But we look forward to everybody who supports spreading the idea of the Operation Church Bells.